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A players own story?

I recently was reading the blogs and there saying they don't want a set story line already in place. they want every server to have there own story. I was just thinking what if every person had there own log book or something similar that automatically writes a story as your personal character complete major actions around your server/node?


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    Nice idea. This could work via the achievements system or like you say, major events in the game. Once you initiated that major decision your log would be updated with your actions. It could certainly add depth to the RP community, if not the wider community.  
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    I like the idea of this, though I'm not sure how it could be implemented.
    Though, some games have taken a "player's story" approach to how your quests are collected, via journals and the like. 

    But perhaps this could be taken a step further, if your journal actually took note of other players who made a impact as well.... for example, you complete a major questline and your journal mentions those who were grouped with you when you finished the major accomplishment. 

    This might be a nice way to help remember your past game history not just in terms of your quest rewards, but on the adventure and journey itself. 
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    Well, the narrative will be made up of tons of modules.
    Won't be the same story because different modules will be activate at different times. Some will never be activate on some servers. The same node on different servers will likely be founded by a different race. Different buildings will likely be built.
    Certainly different freeholds will be placed. Same node might have different names.

    I think even just a list of major events on a character sheet would be nice.
    Becoming a citizen. Achieving Artisan, Adventure, Religion, Social, Naval Guild ranks.
    Surviving a Monster Coin event...
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    I asked a question about this during a KS live stream and it want unanswered. 

    I'm hugely in favor of a system like this in game
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