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Who would want a chatbox or chatroom of some sort

Not that threads are horrible, but is there a way the community could communicate with each other faster. Like maybe adding a place where people can talk when they are actually online.
Additionally there could be different chat rooms for different topics.
(anti-spam functions I assume or moderators?)
Just a thought? Anyone else have any ideas to make the community have a better way to connect.


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    How about the official discord channel?  :p
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    ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited June 2017
    I think they have been asking for an off-topic subforum for quite a while. By, the way, it's possible to message other forum members, I'm not sure whether message threads can have more than two participants though.
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    Never tried discord...i guess i'll try it. thanks
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    Arkanth said:
    How about the official discord channel?  :p

    Would you not have to alt tab in and out of the game to use discord?
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