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Big monster and physics

I take inspiration from some images posted by @Solarion , and ask: 

We can oftenly see artworks depitcting heroes fighting huge monsters on their own. Letting aside the awe inspiring intent of the image, how do you think it will be managed the fight against enormous creature?

I get that usually the bigger the stronger and very huge monsters are frequently bosses that you are not expected to confront alone, but we are also talking about a world that, to an extent, aims to be realistic so...

Will landslides, avalanches happen or fissures open up in the rocks while big rocky monsters walk around and/or fight?

Will tsunami be caused by sea monsters?

In both cases you have to be pretty careful about your surroundings AND, in the case of rocky monsters, you actually could have serious difficulties in trying to damage it (maybe blunt or siege weapons will be the only ones to do the trick? It feels fairly silly beating a rock elemental with daggers and swords)

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    Really interesting ideas ^^ I think the example used in streams was a volcano eruption awakening a dragon which then decided to attack the near by node.

    I know some of the large bosses are from raids and dungeons so they probably lurk in an area but obviously world events on metropolis nodes are going to be replicas of the big bosses from dungeons and raids - so curious to see how they appear.

    Maybe nodes closer to certain landscapes will trigger particular bosses such as your ocean example xD

    I believe the devs mentioned that they are working on how weather may effect your skills so perhaps the terrain/location of the bosses will have a similar impact xD

    i can't wait to learn more :3
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    @ruairidh;  Cool ideas! I agree that monsters should have strengths and weaknesses. It would be strange if you could easily damage a fire giant with a fireball or a stone golem with a regular sword. 

    Because Intrepid isn't using procedural landscape generation once the game goes live, my guess is that world bosses would only be able to trigger one predetermined landscape to be swapped for another. I think the biggest changes to the world will be when nodes level up but it's difficult to predict what Intrepid has planned. Maybe the node leveling will trigger the dragon to arrive which will in turn trigger a change to the mountain landscape.

    Steven mentioned things like extended winters and snow everywhere when an ice dragon arrives, so there can definitely be effects on the environment. Players and monsters would receive buffs and penalties accordingly. I think these kinds of effects might be easier because they'd be part of a weather particle and texture system that could overlay the existing world but I'd love to see changes to the terrain as well. If the landscape played a part in the battle, that'd be pretty epic.
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