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My account was deleted so i made this one how do i link my summer crowdfunding pack to this new account? I've tried to contact customer service but have not received a reply. 


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    hi atm customer service  has a high number of requests atm, don't worry they will get back to you as soon as they are able too :smile:

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    in saying that, if you havent linked your old account to the kickstarter all you have to do is change your email on the website to the one used on kickstarter or in a week or so a email will be sent out with a code you can apply on the website. you can change your email here the annoucement about the code email is here as well as some other facts.

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    I had already link my old account to the kick starter but the old account uses the same email as new one if that helps. I have the email with the order id 
  • WhiskeyWhiskey Member alpha-stress-tester
    Is there even anyone working in customer service?? It has been over a week now with no reply from anyone. Still don't have my Summer Crowdfunding attached to my account. Did I just waste a bunch of $$??
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    atm customer service is having a high volume of traffic, don't worry they will get back to you as soon as they are able to

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    @Whiskey Have your received a response to your email inquiry?

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    Hi i haven't heard back from you in regards to your issue being resolved, i'm going to go ahead and close the thread if your still having trouble with your account please open up a new thread or contact me or another moderator to help you out. 

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