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MPP - Multiplayer Piano AoC Room

Hey all Ashes,

I've been on this social piano website (which you may or may not have heard of) for quite a long time now and I thought I would share it to those who have a Piano and a Midi cable, though of course you don't need to have either of them to join, it is just for those who wish to share their musical talent! Would be really cool if we can get some people to do some collaborations :D of Creation
I do believe there is a 20 user slot only for each room, so If you try to join and can't get in just simply make another room named 'Ashes of Creation 1' and so on :)
I am going to keep the Original Room on invisible so you can only join by the link not by the lobby list.

I would say I'm a regular on this website as I'm pretty much always on it, I will always try to keep the room up as much as I can during all time zones (I don't turn my computer off at all unless my nets out) "I'M USUALLY AFK, IF I DON'T RESPOND TO YOUR MESSAGE JUST SPAM YOUR KEYBOARD AND IF I DON'T NOTICE I'M EITHER ASLEEP OR AT SCHOOL'

You can of course play with your PC Keyboard! (I do! o/) I can do a little bit but It is quite difficult to play just like that.
There aren't any set rules within the website but I would like to ask anyone who joins to refrain from swearing as we don't know the age of anyone who is joining.


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