change registered email?

hey all,
so i understand that i need to change my website email to match my kickstarter email.
how do i change my registered website email?  I cant seem to see any setting or preference for that in profile or anything??


  • I couldn't find anything either, so I just made a new account :neutral:
  • nvm. just watched Proxy's video about it not being required any more. :)

  • A quick question!!! 
    Did you guys got mail from the inteprid team regarding the keys(those who backed the project from Kickstarter)???

  • Kickstarter Account Integration

    This email address is now registered with Intrepid Studios as a holder of the Founder Kickstarter package.

    Greetings glorious Founder!

    We greatly appreciate your contribution to our Kickstarter for Ashes of Creation. With your support, we were able to make history by becoming both the fastest-funded and most-funded MMORPG in Kickstarter history. That is no small feat and we are beyond honored by your commitment in helping us achieve this.  

    We are currently integrating the data received from Kickstarter with our account systems.  This process will take roughly 7-10 business days. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please make an account on It will be necessary that the email address for the registered account on our website matches the email address used for your Kickstarter account.

    Once our account integration process has been completed, your pledge rewards will be shown in your account on our website.  Your account will also reflect the referral reward points attributed to your pledge amount.  Integration of your pledge into the referral system may take additional time, but we expect to have this completed shortly after your account synchronization.

    Thank you again for your tremendous support to our project, Ashes of Creation. Your generosity is helping to create one of the best MMORPGs in history.  We look forward to creating many memories with you that will last for years to come.

    Your friends,

    The Intrepid Team

  • Good news!

    You won't have to change your email address, thanks to the update Yaivey made here!

    But if you *do* want to change, you can do it here:

  • They are working on something, that you dont need the same emails.
  • I already changed my email to match my KS email.  I'll keep it that way until i'm sure it's okay to change it back to what it was.  Man, all these confusions.  ffs
  • MrWolf said:
    A quick question!!! 
    Did you guys got mail from the inteprid team regarding the keys(those who backed the project from Kickstarter)???

    Hey, no i havent received anything from them yet. still a few days left before i need to start to panic :)
  • Howdy folks!

    If you haven't received your linking email yet, check your spam / promotions folder on your kickstarter registered email account, if its not there, please send a email to [email protected] and they will be able to help you out.


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