Forum Suggestion: Return to top/Go to bottom

I'd like a "Return to top of page" and "Go to bottom of page" option on the Forums, please. :)


  • I've been asking for that for a couple of months.  Seems like a pretty basic forum item.
  • This should be mandatory, it would be real nice to have something like this.
  • Still driving me crazy. Grr...
  • The waiting game continues.  Oh well up and down buttons aren't priority for sure.
  • Well, it's at least leaving us all feeling very 'up and down' about it!

    (Groan...Sorry - couldn't resist it!)

  • Funny every time I read the title of this thread 

    Return to top/Go to bottom I 

    I fell like I'm on an elevator.

    I've also taken not that most pages I scroll anywhere do not have an up or down button.    ;)
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