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Dozla says howdy!

Well what can I say? Heard something about this game a few weeks ago and here I am signed up on the website already before BETA, thats a first. Alpha starts next week and beta by next month right? :p

Seriously though, the game looks nice so far - graphically and concept wise with some of the ideas mentioned. Just give me a healer class that can heal (holy trinity all the way), people to play with and for the love of God no **** races and Im happy.


  • Welcome to the Ashes community, @Dozla!
    Ye picked a fine time to join us!
    I think ye'll find that a great many of us here are excited for the game to come out, and it can't come soon enough!

    Here, have a dwarven ale, on me!

    Kick back, and relax awhile! ;)
  • If you throw enough money at em, I'm sure we can get beta out very soon ;) And welcome!
  • Welcome @Dozla! Hope you find yourself at home here in the community! Looks like cleric is going to be a popular class.
  • Welcome to the community. I wish alpha and beta where coming that soon. Might be a bit of a wait, but it will be worth it.
  • A very warm welcome, fellow traveler. Glad to meet another experienced cleric here: the warrior team could use your precious help :)
  • Welcome @Dozla  to the community!

    There's quite a few of us planning on healing and really hoping that they get them right, it'll be fascinating to see how they turn out.

    Have you given any thought yet as to your skill set up? Cleric/cleric or some other surpising things? :smiley:
  • Welcome @Dozla to ashes 
  • This isn't Asian mmorpg, probably not gonna see much in sense of **** races xD but they can be quite fun to play :P 
    We'll have some rat people though, close enough? i guess... xD 
    Welcome, enjoy your stay and hooraahh! another healer, join the club :D actually thought about making a healers oriented guild to have others come over to us and ask for a healer :P on EU.
  • Welcome to the community!  Don't hesitate to ask questions.  There are a lot of helpful folks around here.
  • Heya @Dozla. Healing brings out the light side of me... It burns! ;) Welcome to the community. Hope to see you around the forums :)
  • Welcome aboard!  Beware don't trip over the dwarfs and break the bone man's legs as you roll across the dungeon floor!
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