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How to upgrade summer package

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I emailed customer support last week.. I wanted to know how to upgrade my $150 June package to the $550 one. No response.


  • Hi ! 

    You will be able to upgrade once your AoC account and KS pledge are synced. You should receive a code which you can redeem on your AoC account, and then you'll be able to upgrade. 

    Codes should be sent between 28th of June and 1st of July as far as I've heard. 
  • Authorize said:
    Codes should be sent between 28th of June and 1st of July as far as I've heard. 
    That's what I know about the issue as well. I too am waiting to upgrade my pledge.
  • I am talking about upgrading a June package to a higher June package. Not KS to June. Its great that I cant get an official answer to this either from support or here. Makes me really rethink putting more money in this game if their customer service is already this bad.
  • Hi, currently the support team is flat out answering a high volume of support tickets, you will be able to upgrade summer packs to a higher tier summer pack, once that system is in place. a announcement will be made when this is possible

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    And still no answer...  Seems like they would want money.
  • Hey there BoredMuse, as Shunex said, it's a little crazy right now. Upgrading is still a process being worked on and a full announcement should be up shortly. Thanks for understanding! :D
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