Greetings from a solo player who wants to stop being a solo player

My names Xenerie or sometimes just Xen. You may have seen me in other MMO's as the guy running around by himself trying to solo everything. I've tended to be by myself as many of my friends aren't MMO players but I've decided to step out into the light and try to look for some groups. I'll probably be a bard (bards are cool) so if anyone has a group with a support slot open who isn't afraid to say hi to a shy guy then I'd love to say hi back.


  • Welcome to the community Xen!

    For your problem I would suggest getting some RL friends to play with, but my guildmates would tell you that never worked for me.  :D 

    What time zone do you see yourself playing in?
  • Welcome to the warm and awesome Community of AoC @Xenerie  ;)

    If you need a guild we are here for you ;) don't be afraid to ask questions. There are many nice people in here :smiley:  
  • Some good guilds here! 

    You could always follow in everyone's favorite (Me) player's footsteps and remain guildless until closer to launch to weight all the options, or dive right in and join the fun!
  • Welcome @Xenerie! Ashes is putting the 'MM' back in MMO ;)
  • Welcome to the community!
  • Awwwwwww welcome to our community! Bard is cool xD
    Lots of awesome guilds here and I'm sure you'll find the perfect one for you!
    *cough* Ashenguard *cough* more than welcome to check us out xD
  • Welcome to the AoC Forums o/, Hopefully you can find an amazing team to concure all the content AoC will have to offer :3
  • Never give up on solo dreams my man! We are few, but we are stronk! 
  • Welcome to the community!  Don't let your shyness stop you from asking questions you may have.
  • Welcome Xen! You should definitely take a look at the guild forums to see if there are any that suite you! (๑╹◡╹๑) 

  • Thank you everyone for being so nice. I'm shocked how many replies and pm's I got. Really shows how good the AoC community is. You all rock.
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    Welcome @Xenerie! Plenty of people to be friends with here. Some will even give you a crisp high five! 

  • Ha, that's a great gif.


    You get a good feel for the guilds on their discord.
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    YOU rock, never mind the community. That said welcome to the community. Now it definitely rocks :smiley:

    I hope you manage to find your happy guild home for the next few years :)
  • Welcome to the community!
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