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The most sympathetic sentences from the video, but I'm scared

"Over the past seven years having played MMOPRGs I was kind of not impressed with what has been coming out of the genre. A lot of pay-to-win cash-grab styled games and I just felt that there could be something better and you know if you get things done right sometimes you just have to do them yourself"

I am glad about these sentences, but I'm sad too. I was disappointed in many games already. Just the 2 biggest name. Guild Wars 2 (GW2: Arenanet) and Elder Scorlls Online (ESO: Zenimax Online Studios).  Big companies and make very big, huge mistakes.

GW2: buy-to-play + in game cash 
shop (gem store) from beggining. Big mistakes: too fast leveling too small zones, no end contents, and no new decent contents after release for a very long time. After a few weeks(months) nothing to do, and of course every week new items in gem store. Bad feelings, you don't get new content but you get new gem store items.

ESO: OMG! This is is huge, old-school rpg feeling, huge explorable zones many dungeons, etc. first feelings was amazing. This game is enjoyable for a very long time (now already especially). After GW2 Elder Scrolls Online was the miracle to me.
At release it was a buy-to-play + monthly fee game.
Some wrong directions: leveling system, huge game->tons of bugs, it was rather an MMORPG than an Elder Scrolls game with multiplayer options. The TES community want this: ZOS did this (during the 3 year) respect. During the first year (monthly fee period) they mostly do bugfixes and released 6 updades. Few very cool and few smaller updates but that was not enough for a monthly fee game. ZOS changed the business modell to buy-to-play + in game cash shop (crown store) + opcional monthly fee (ESO+ inluded DLCs) + 4 DLCs/year. Same feeling again that with GW2 :(. They do console versions for a long time no new content, after a year w8ing again w8ing and now they again changed modell buy-to-play + in-game cash shop + opcional monthly fee (ESO+ inluded DLCs) + 3 DLCs/year + 1 bigger buy-to-play content (chapter= a bigger DLC) first chapter was a joke 40 dollars (a new game price for a single zone + a new class + a new pvp mode) ~ 50 hours playtime :(

GW2 and ESO now doing well now, new content rich world lot of things to do, but the beginnings was awful. GW2 has the best update system in the world, but the game is not the best! ESO is the best rpg MMO in the world (immersion, world-class storytelling) but too much disappointment and I want much more content annually.

Pls Intrepid Studios, developers! Learn the lessions from other companies! Do not make the same mistake!!!
- You do a buy-to-play + monthly fee game without in-game cash shop. I am very happy with this. The monthly fee to me means: safety, everything is available, no hidden cost,  and the most important: rich content and decent updates frequently. Because if not lots of player will left as they did in other games.
- Do not release a semi-finished game. Monthly fee + semi-finished game = The same scenario as with ESO.
- Take the time to beta tests or the first year is all about bug fixes.
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