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The Unofficial Official "Name that Secondary Class: Ranger!" Game


With 64 potential class combinations, we can't keep calling it Ranger / fighter !  That's not very immersive...  It's time to play "Name that Secondary Class!"  

The way the game works is you type the class, such as tank/ tank, and what you would recommend calling that class.  I will take your responses and add them as suggestions to the original post.  After 1 weeks time, we'll move onto the next set of classes.   When we're done with that, we'll open the polls!

No jumping ahead!  If you really want to name that Bard/Bard, you have to stick with us until the end!!!

If you haven't seen it already, check out all of the awesome suggestions so far!
Tanks, Fighters, Rogues, Fighter, Mages, Clerics, Summoners, and Bards.

You can still add names to those threads if you can think of any! Or open up discussion on why a previously used name should be removed. If a majority of the original voters ask to remove it, I'll remove it!

Ranger / Tank
Balista @Samyaza @Ruby437
Belvedere @Eragale
Destroyer @Gothix @Nonde_Script
Guardian Ranger @Vegvisir
Heaver @Vannubsauce
Heavy Bowman @Ninja Shadow @freespiryt @Nonde_Script
Nature Warder @Bannith
Onager @Quinlan1998
Point Defender @Bannith
Sentry @AutumnWillow @Ferryman
Shield Archer @freespiryt
Soldier @Loyheta
Warden @Enrif @Wreyna

Ranger / Fighter
Arcus @Bannith
Armsman @Eragale
Ballista @Vannubsauce
Bounty Hunter @freespiryt
Bow Fist @Vegvisir
Commando @Gothix @Nonde_Script
Deadeye @AutumnWillow
Duelist @Loyheta
Hunter @Wreyna
Huntsman @freespiryt @Nonde_Script
Marksman @Ruby437
Master Archer @AutumnWillow
Mercenary @Ferryman
Strider @Samyaza @Quinlan1998 @Enrif
Warden @Ninja Shadow

Ranger / Rogue
Ambusher @freespiryt
Assailant @Eragale
Assassin @Gothix
Dualist @Samyaza
Hidden Arrow @AutumnWillow
Hunter @Ninja Shadow
Marksman @Vannubsauce
Ronin @Quinlan1998
Scout @AutumnWillow @Wreyna @Nonde_Script
Shadow Stalker @Bannith
Silent Shot @Bannith
Skirmisher @Ferryman
Sniper @AutumnWillow @Ruby437
Stalker @AutumnWillow @freespiryt @Enrif @Ruby437
Stealth Bow @Vegvisir
Still Bow @freespiryt
Tracker @Loyheta

Ranger / Ranger
Archer @Ninja Shadow
Archranger @freespiryt
Arrow @Samyaza
Deepwood Sniper @Bannith
Falconer @Eragale
Hunter @AutumnWillow @Vannubsauce @Ferryman
Longshot @Bannith
Marksman @Enrif @Nonde_Script
Ranger @Wreyna
Ranger Danger @Loyheta
Sniper @Ruby437 @Gothix @Loyheta
Tracker @freespiryt
Windrunner @Quinlan1998

Ranger / Mage
Abyssmal @Eragale
Animist @Ferryman
Arcane Archer @Bannith @AutumnWillow @freespiryt @Nonde_Script
Arcane Ranger @Ninja Shadow
Elemental Bowyer @Loyheta
Elemental Tempest @AutumnWillow
Enhancer @Samyaza
Gunner @Gothix
Magic Archer @Nonde_Script
Scout @Vannubsauce

Shaman @Ruby437
Spell Warden @Wreyna
Spellshot @freespiryt @Enrif
Stormbow @AutumnWillow
Zodiac @Quinlan1998

Ranger / Cleric
Apollo @Quinlan1998
Consecrated Archer @AutumnWillow
Devote Ranger @Ninja Shadow
Dinine Archer @freespiryt
Druid @Enrif @Wreyna @Ruby437
Druidic Hierophant @Bannith
Field Hunter @Samyaza @Nonde_Script
Hermit @Wreyna
Hunter @Gothix
Life Arrow @Bannith
Lightbringer @Loyheta
Shaman @Dygz
Soulbow @AutumnWillow
Tracker @Vannubsauce
Verdant @Eragale
Witch Hunter @Ferryman

Ranger / Summoner
Arrow Stormer @Loyheta
Beast Master @Samyaza @AutumnWillow @freespiryt @Enrif @Wreyna @Ruby437 @Vannubsauce @Gothix @Nonde_Script @Ferryman
Beast Tamer @Bannith
Master of the Wild @AutumnWillow
Nature Savant @Bannith
Patronus @Quinlan1998
Seer @Eragale

Ranger / Bard
Folk Hero @AutumnWillow
Harper @Loyheta
Itinerant @freespiryt
Mockingjay @AutumnWillow
Natural Melody @Bannith
Nightingale @AutumnWillow
Nockingjay @AutumnWillow
Juggler @Samyaza
Piper @Wreyna
Silencer @Gothix
Tempest @Eragale
Violinist @AutumnWillow
Wanderer @freespiryt @Ferryman
Whisperwind @Enrif @Ruby437 @Nonde_Script
Whistleblower @Quinlan1998
Wildcaller @Vannubsauce
Wind Whisperer @Bannith

Keep in mind a Tank / Rogue is different than a Rogue / Tank!

Suggestions should be 1 or 2 words or a short phrase and should be viable names.

Thanks for playing!

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  • It'll be interesting to see if the 6/30 stream kills the game.  :)
  • Ranger / Tank  Balista

    Ranger / Fighter Strider

    Ranger / Rogue

    Ranger / Ranger Arrow

    Ranger / Mage Enhancer

    Ranger / Cleric Field hunter

    Ranger / Summoner Beast master

    Ranger / Bard Juggler

  • Ranger / Tank    heavy bowman

    Ranger / Fighter    warden

    Ranger / Rogue    hunter

    Ranger / Ranger    archer

    Ranger / Mage    arcane ranger

    Ranger / Cleric    devote ranger
  • Ranger / Tank  Onager

    Ranger / Fighter Strider (credits to @Samyaza )

    Ranger / Rogue

    Ranger / Ranger Windrunner

    Ranger / Mage Zodiac

    Ranger / Cleric Apollo

    Ranger / Summoner Patronus

    Ranger / Bard Whistleblower
  • Ranger/Tank                              Point Defender             Nature Warder        

    Couldn't think of to many good ones this time. =\

    Ranger/Fighter                          Arcus (Idk I kinda wanna go with Arcus                

    Imperialius but there are no factions...)      

    Ranger/rogue                            Shadow Stalker              Silent shot

    Ranger/Ranger                         Deepwood Sniper           Longshot

    Ranger/Mage                            Arcane Archer           

    Ranger/Cleric                           Druidic Hierophant    Life Arrow

    Ranger/Summoner                  Beast Tamer             Nature Savant

    Ranger/Bard                             Wind Whisperer       Natural Melody
  • Ha, Got Em!
  • Ranger / Tank  (protecting teammates with arrows)
    • Sentry

    Ranger / Fighter (Weapon Specialist for bows)
    • Master Archer
    • Deadeye

    Ranger / Rogue
     (sneaky ranged)
    • Sniper
    • Hidden Arrow 
    • Stalker
    • Scout

    Ranger / Ranger (nature ranged specialist
    • Hunter

    Ranger / Mage (Elemental Ranged)
    • Arcane Archer
    • Elemental Tempest (raining elemental arrows down)
    • Stormbow

    Ranger / Cleric (HEALING ARROWS!)
    • Consecrated Archer
    • Soulbow

    Ranger / Summoner (Something with animal companions perhaps)
    • Master of the Wild
    • Beastmaster

    Ranger / Bard (Inspirational Archer)
    • Violinist (because they use bows, geddit?  :s)
    • Mockingjay (Nature + Song Bird + Katniss <3 )
    • Nockingjay (nope),
    • Nightingale.
    • Folk Hero (Robin hood, etc)

    I'm struggling with bards as you can see. 
  • 1. Ranger+Bard= Itinerant, Wanderer
    2. Ranger+Cleric= Divine Archer
    3. Ranger+Fighter= Bounty Hunter, Huntsman
    4. Ranger+Mage= Arcane Archer, Spell Shot
    5. Ranger+Ranger= Arch-Ranger, Tracker
    6. Ranger+Rogue= Stalker, Ambusher, Still Bow
    7. Ranger+Summoner= Beast Master
    8. Ranger+Tank= Heavy Bowman, Shield Archer
  • Hey @tugowar , you made a little mistake with my suggestions ^^:

    Ranger / Rogue
     = Ronin (you left this one out)

    Ranger / Ranger = Windrunner (you put this one under Ranger/Rogue)

  • Fighter+summoner Death Lord
    Fighter+cleric Hopegiver
    mage+rouge Chaos Mage

  • *equips his bow* so the green boys now?lets see....

  • Thanks again, @tugowar :)
    • Ranger-Tank:  Warden
    • Ranger-Fighter:  Hunter
    • Ranger-Rogue:  Scout
    • Ranger-Ranger   Ranger! :)
    • Ranger-Mage:   Spell Warden
    • Ranger-Cleric:  Hermit
    • Ranger-Summoner:   Beastmaster
    • Ranger-Bard:  Piper

  • Ranger / Tank  Balista

    Ranger / Fighter Marksman

    Ranger / Rogue

    Ranger / Ranger Sniper

    Ranger / Mage Shaman

    Ranger / Cleric Druid

    Ranger / Summoner Beastmaster

    Ranger / Bard Whisperwind
  • @AutumnWillow I :heart: katniss too, but i'm practically a romantic teenage girl when it comes to what books and movies i like.

    freespiryt solid list.  I like heavy bowman and balista for that ranger tank.

    Quinlan1998 my bad!  it was late when I did this last.  Hopefully it's fixed now.

    Nwahwithattitude Hi there!  Welcome.  We've been doing one primary class per thread.  I do have a fighter thread referenced in the OP.  Would you mind posting those recommendations there?  I don't think we've gotten to mage yet.

    @Enrif What's the connection between ranger + cleric = druid.  Just the nature connotation of ranger?  I saw a few voted that way.

    @Wreyna I enjoy this too!  It's good to see repeat customers.  ;)

    @Ruby437 I like balista a lot, but i'm a sucker for roman.
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited June 2017
    In 1st Edition AD&D Ranger + Cleric = Druid..... combo of the foci on nature and religion.
    But, actually, Cleric was the primary class.

    If Cleric/Ranger is Druid...I think
    Ranger/Cleric might be Shaman.
  • Dygz said:
    In 1st Edition AD&D Ranger + Cleric = Druid..... combo of the foci on nature and religion.
    But, actually, Cleric was the primary class.

    If Cleric/Ranger is Druid...I think
    Ranger/Cleric might be Shaman.
    Pure speculation on my part but those 2 names seem more suited to clerics/or even summoners (Summoner/Ranger) due to the roles Druids and Shaman more Arcane

    (Martial and Arcane being used by Steven to split the 8 archetypes into martial and arcane classes)

    I envision Rangers to be martial classes, so the arcane class secondary will augment with some arcane augment. And I try to name my Rangers with martial combat in mind. 
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited June 2017
    I'm not sure which 2 names you mean.
    I said Cleric/Ranger  = Druid
    And in AD&D Druid was a sub-class of Cleric.
    So...we seem to be in agreement there.

    Summoner is typically arcane magic rather than divine magic.
    And Druid was a subset of Cleric more for healing - healing is typically divine magic.
    The druid is a sub-class of cleric. Druid spells are intended to strengthen, protect, and revitalize a party as a cleric, but his spells are more attuned to nature. A druid also is able to change once per day to any mammal, once to any reptile, and once to any bird.  The creature must be a real natural creature not smaller than a bat, bullfrog, or bluejay, up to about twice the weight of the druid.  The change will also heal d6x10% of any damage taken by the druid.

     A Druid would change into creatures rather than summon companions.
    I envision Rangers to be naturalists, who are great at wilderness tracking and trapping and animal lore and forestry. Also great hunters with bow or knife or spear.
    In AD&D, Ranger was a sub-class of Fighter that could also use low-level druid spells and mage spells.
    If Ranger is the primary class Druid is not a primary class, I would make Druid he name for Cleric/Ranger. More divine than arcane.

    Summoners typically use arcane magic rather than divine magic.
    Shamans typically use divine magic. Typically they are tribal priests.
    And I think of tribal priests being very close to nature - hence Ranger.
    So, Ranger/Cleric = Shaman

    In Ashes, there is not as much focus on combat as in previous MMORPGs.
    But, I'm not really in competition. I'm just sharing background RPG info.
    No clue where the devs will choose to go.
    And I'm not negating anyone else's suggestions.
  • I meant both shaman and druids seems to be caster type, so having a ranger (martial) primary feels odd to me. 

    Yeah, I naturally think of the DnD style of Arcane/Divine division as well. Steven seems to lump all casters together as Arcane though, Clerics, Mages, Bards and Summoners. While martial classes are Tank, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue. So I was using arcane in the context of what he said. Haha.
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
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    Well, that's a great visual for the Kickstarter.
    Easy half & half split.
    We will have to see if that is more general for ease of conversation when they're not ready to delve into the details of each class or whether it's literal.

    Seems likely there will be a distinction between divine magic and arcane magic, since we have Religion and Divine nodes - but maybe not.

    Theorycrafting wouldn't be any fun if we all instantly reached the same conclusions.
    We'd have definitive lists completed already and be at endgame, twiddling our thumbs waiting for alpha.  :p

    I love it when people make agreements sound like disagreement. :p
  • great talk, but i take absolute no inspiration from AD& screw that thought process.

    for me Ranger/Cleric is Druid because it deals more with the actual nature and it's inhabitants. later when the Cleric thread goes up, Cleric/Ranger is a Shaman for me as Shamans deal more with the animal spirits. 

    so thats that
  • Ranger/Tank: Heaver

    Ranger/Fighter: Ballista



    : Scout

    : Tracker


    Ranger/Bard: Wildcaller
  • Good list @Vannubsauce
  • Ranger/Tank: Destroyer

    Ranger/Fighter: Commando


    : Sniper




    Ranger/Bard: Silencer
  • Ranger / Tank -

    • Heavy Bowman
    • Destroyer

    Ranger / Fighter -

    • Huntsman
    • Commando

    Ranger / Rogue -

    • Scout

    Ranger / Ranger -

    • Marksman

    Ranger / Mage -

    • Arcane Archer (Depending on if Arcane equals all magic elements.)
    • Magic Archer (If Arcane is a separate element.)

    Ranger / Cleric -

    • Field Hunter

    Ranger / Summoner -

    • Beast Master (I like it but if you throw in the demons, plant type etc. I don't think the Beast fits.)

    Ranger / Bard -

    • Whisperwind
  • Ranger/Tank: Guardian Ranger
    Ranger/Fighter: Bow Fist
    Ranger/Rogue: Stealth Bow
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
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    Might as well participate in this   :)

    Ranger/Tank  ~~ Belvedere   (  maybe thinking too much ?  :D )
    Ranger/ Fighter ~~ Armsman 
    Ranger/ Rouge ~~ Assailant  
    Ranger / Ranger ~~ Falconer
    Ranger/ Mage ~~ Arcuater 
    Ranger/ Summoner ~~ Seer
    Ranger/ Cleric ~~ Verdant ( maybe " Verdure " ? )
    Ranger/ Bard ~~ Tempest
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
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    Ah crap ... Accidentally posted without finishing it  :s  :s

  • @tugowar

    I updated my post. take a look  ;)
  • @Eragale I like the originality!

    @Nonde_Script @Gothix @Vegvisir Good lists!
    • Ranger-Bard (uses the harp to entertain and sling arrows)

    • Ranger-Cleric (empowers arrows with holy powers)

    • Ranger-Fighter (able to hold his own close and afar)

    • Ranger-Mage (enchants arrows and bolts)
      Elemental Bowyer

    • Ranger-Rogue (able to stealthily follow and kill prey)

    • Ranger-Ranger (Longbowman able to shoot from very far away)

    • Ranger-Summoner (summons bows that can autonomously fire)
      Arrow Stormer

    • Ranger-Tank (an archer with heavy armor)
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