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I'm the freakin' vizier! Will there be viziers?

So I'm watching Dirilis: Ertugrul on the Netflix there and I'm enjoying it and I'm thinking I'm the hero or maybe the captain of the guard. But then it turns out I'm the freakin' vizier! I can talk people into or out of war with my mouth. What the heck?? I'm so smart it's like I can see the future. So will the politics system have viziers or what? What will be the positions?


  • I doubt the political system will have a defined, rigid structure. I think that negotiations and agreements will be held by guild leaders or by their subordinates, depending on guild structure. Some guilds may have a democratic structure, meaning that they will have to vote upon important matters (alliances, wars, commercial treaties, and so on). More structured guilds may set leadership directly in the hands of their leaders, creating interesting scenarios where a few people may decide the fate of a handful of nodes. 

    I'm sure everyone, given enough wit, could become a precious counselor, or vizier, if you prefer. I think that all depends by playing one card's right.
  • Make it so!
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