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Winter Sun Crafting Guild/Group

Winter Sun [Crafting Oriented Guild/Group]
While we seek to pursue crafting to produce the best items available in the game that does not mean to ignore collection and processing as those will be key as well to making our guild self-sufficient. While we seek to make the best of the best items we also wish to be a large is not the largest financial power inside of the game capable of turning small villages into full cities with the effort of the guild. This does not mean this is our only purpose as we will still focus on the large group and guild content that will be available .
What you need is not very demanding as long as you plan to continually play the game upon release and into the future. The only requirements that I can make with the information we have right now is that you must be semi-active meaning you should be on most days and you need to contribute to the guild when we have objectives that are needed to complete. This does not mean however that I expect you to completely drop what you are doing but simply when and if you can contribute to the goal we have at the time. The final requirement is you must at least be able to communicate with English and play on the NA servers.


  • I'm intrigued, and I'll be on the lookout for more info once the game is more fleshed out. I plan on focusing mostly on crafting within Ashes :)
  • I would like to be part of this crafting guild when the game releases.
  • I'm very interested in this, as my main interests in MMO games is crafting, gathering, and exploration over combat/raiding/pvp :)

    Keep me in mind for when the game becomes open to the public. Also I really enjoy mining and smithing usually so if that helps dictate a job for me in the guild, keep that in mind too :)
  • Sounds good Vintersol.
    I really love excelling at crafting in any game.

    Look forward to more info.
  • This guild sounds like exactly what I am after. Hoping to be the best weaponsmith in the land! Looking forward to more info.
  • Please add me on discord. Bubbles#6009
  • Sounds amazing! Really like the idea of this guild.
    I'm already interested. Only unfortunate part is that it's on NA and not on EU.
    Do keep posting more idea's on this page, looking forward to it!
  • Sounds like a great concept especially as the crafting paths are always the ones that keep me playing in an MMO. Unfortunately I'm UK based so unless NA servers are open to both NA and EU players this might preclude me. I wish you every success with this though:)
  • I also like the idea of a guild for crafters and of getting organized before the game starts so we could help each other right from the beginning. Make sure we are all on the same server and so forth. I'm interested in farming/gardening/husbandry and the like. Please put me on the list.
  • Sounds excatly what I'm after, I would like to be a part of this group!
  • What do you have in mind for guild policies etc?
  • For those still interested here is the Discord we will be using for the time being. https://discord.gg/CbczHKc
  • How aggressive are you planning to be economically? Will you attempt to corner the market and monopolize certain resources? If so, then I am in. Also, how attached to the name are you? How about "Robber Barons"? it has a history to it
  • quite interested in joining a guild whos focuses lean towards crafting and market control. it is allot more simple when a games top craftsmen are all on the same page exchanging resources and agreeing upon set prices as to not under cut each other into the ground. something to consider though is with the very real threat that has been put on crafting in the form of convoy ambushes that would need to be addressed head on early. either done so by recruiting and gearing squads of veteran pvpers from older games, or simply by bribing any major piracy guilds as to not attack guild caravans. hell maybe just set up contracts with said piracy guilds that state in exchange for allowing guild caravans to pass or even by protecting them between cities they can get a discount from any guild crafter/artisan/gatherer.
  • Although bribing and making deals with other guild to not attack caravans is a good idea so is having a group of people within the guild with fast transport mounts to deliver the most valuable of resources.
  • I like the idea of personally delivering the most precious goods. As far as caravans go, I think that an alliance with a good PvP guild would be crucial or even having a subguild that specializes in attacking rival guild caravans and defending your own. If you plan to have major economic impact and control on the server, then I would love to join. That being said, it would require a more serious and hard-core crafting community that is very dedicated to this purpose.
  • WinterSun is my favorite band. Also, I love crafting. So ! :P I'll keep tabs with the guild. might be a good home for me.
  • oh i have no intentions what so ever to take a chance transporting any rare materials i might gather in anyones hands but my own. thats just asking for trouble and drama. but lets say i was a gatherer and i was picking herbs (idk sunflowers) trying to get rare alchemy materials (idk moonflowers) i personally will walk what ever rare materials i get to what ever town i need them at. but for the 3 metric [email protected]#$ tons of sunflowers i got in the process the only practical way of moving them would be by caravan. coming from someone who has been known to enjoy in the occasional video game murder spree aka pvp the early phases of this game might aswell put giant bulls eyes on said caravans. the temptation and desire to test the games mechanics will be too strong for anyone to pass at least trying to rob it. and for anyone who has played a major factor in any games economy will tell you that while yes high grade materials go for allot of coin its the low level materials early in a games life that make you the big money. cause they are easy and quick for you to come by and sell just as quick cause everyone needs them and generally they have the coin from just mobs. while no definitive way of protecting them can be formulated this early on it will need to be top priority if you want to get out of the gate running so to speak. me personally i plan on talking around to see what big pvp communities are looking into ashes and finding about 7-8 people who i can make a deal with to body guard my merchandise depending on what profession i go with. that and it would just be cool knowing i got a goon squad that does my bidding XD
  • I'd love to be apart of this group. Probably gonna focus on creating stuff rather than combat oriented gameplay. Do we have a Discord?
  • Yes in case you missed it here it is again. https://discord.gg/CbczHKc
  • Your Guild is very interesting to me
    I just had a question about organization for it.
    According to the Devs its not a good idea to be jack of trades crafter and to just stay on one path and become the best. So are you looking for all kinds of crafters or just one type?
  • We are focused on those who want to master gathering, processing, and crafting for making gear. But will also want to have a few say breeding and fishing as well as farming masters within the guild as we dont want to exclude any one type of artisan master.
  • Following this Guild post, looks great! I'm hoping to hear more about animal husbandry. I love taming and breeding and would love to have a group of like minded people to share tips with!
  • Pretty sure this is the guild I'm looking for. *Favorited
  • I am very interested in this guild, been looking since KS ..just haven't quite found what I am looking for, maybe it is this guild.
  • I have another question, would we be able to run our own shops and give a percentage of each sale off to the Guild?
    Because I was thinking becoming either a Miner or a Weaponsmith would be good
  • Also I would like to join if possible
    The other post was just because I thought a weapon store called Masterwork Blades would be cool to have
  • I am a braver of worlds tier and crafting will be my main then exploring, pvp is not a big thing for me unless it helps the guild, do you have a wp i can check out ect.
  • Sounds like an interesting guild! I generally enjoy crafting and growing crops and such, so I would like to join up with you. Looking forward to learning how farming will be implemented in AoC.
  • Same here, growing and cooking food and drinks is my thing in games.
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