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Fast Travel & Mounts

A game mechanic that has ruined not only most open world games but MMORPGs in general is click-map-fast-travel, (ex. Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online) developers should NEVER give the option to open your map and click a location and suddenly teleport there no matter what the cost of gold or whatever resource it requires, make players run to a boat, carriage, or griffin, or use a taxi mount at the very least (ex. World of Warcraft, Everquest, Final Fantasy XI & XIV) or ask another player for a teleport for instant travel which also helps with player interaction, click-map-fast-travel not only ruins the shrinks the size of the world but prevents people from coming in contact with other players for help or direction in the world like in woodsy trails or vast deserts, it will make the world seem a lot less active and empty with map fast travel. I also feel that every open world game must have mounts but using them should come with some sort of drawback for example you will be required to feed and take care of your mounts health and stats if you want to ride it, if you get attacked while on a mount the mount should throw you off onto your back and run off for a short time for your enemy to get a few good hits on you as well as the mount hotkey having a cool down for several minutes before it can be called again (this is not much of an addition to challenge but, why make games so easy, mounts should be mandatory but it should be a privilege not a right) (I watched a developer documentaries on fast travel and they confirmed there will be very little fast travel except through allied nodes which is understandable and please i beg you to keep it this way very good decision making), one of the prime reasons I'm backing this game is because of the lack of click-map-fast-travel and is a blight to open world games. 

What are your thoughts on these mechanics?


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