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[Off Topic] What Are You Buying In The Steam Sale?

I know most of us are probably broke from funding AoC, but c'mon who says no to a good ol' Steam Sale? 

What are you guys eyeing at this time round? And..... what are the chances you will be playing it immediately? 


  • Lol. I will buy a bunch of games but none for myself. I will gift them to friends and husband. We all buy games for each other during the sales. Mainly because we think it is funny when someone gets sucked into a game when they should be working. :D
  • After the money i dropped on Ashes i need to stay away from Steam for a while.   :)
  • Borderlands the Pre-sequel. I love the series but $40+ for it was a little to much. All my friends said it's not as good as B2 but still good, but it is a lot shorter (storyline). 
  • picked up anti chamber finally

    also picked up a few rpgs

    Got SteamWorld Heist which I think I'll have fun with.
  • Everything I want to own I already have. Waiting for games that I kinda want to drop to 50% before I buy.
  • I grabbed a few games.  Prey, Rise of the Tombraider, Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, Deponia Doomsday, Rebel Galaxy.

    now I feel poor
  • Hollow Knight, Hyper Light Drifter, and Aragami
  • I might get red alert 3 its only £2.49 I am also a little tempted to get Skyrim special edition but I feel like I have watched so much of it on you tube it wont entertain me. Red alert is cheaper to. Skyrim is about £15
  • Just about everything, already got like 40 games.
  • I bought Elder Scrolls Online.

    Wow... I'm pretty impressed with the non-focus on leveling early in the game. It plays nothing like any MMO I know. 

    Aside from that, I didn't get too many other games. I tend to buy the games I like as soon as they're released. 
  • I've been quite disappointed by the sale tbh, I've bought Arma III's expansion, Tropico 5 and Wasteland Directors Cut
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