Reminder about the Newly Arrived Section

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The Newly Arrived Section is for people that have just joined to the ashes community and wish to post a introduction etc. for best results in getting questions about the game answered or you have a suggestion for the game. Please use the general discussion area, or if you have run into a support issue the support area is available to you. as these types of questions may go unnoticed in this area :smile:


  • @Shunex, I suspect what may be happening, as I did this once myself, is that they click "New Discussion" while still in that forum to post a question that has come to mind and they are not presented with the option at the top to choose a category.  Either that, or they just ask a question in their intro discussion because someone said, "Don't be afraid to ask questions" and they had one come to mind while reading that.

    Would it be possible to get the category selection added to every new discussion post page?
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