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Time machine

We need to build a time machine so we can start playing this game already. I need it.


  • You know what I need? What you're smoking ;)

  • I'm ready. Lets use this.
    Image result for delorean

  • your pick ;)

  • Now THAT'S a Dwarf mount :p
  • Eye of Agamotto
  • Great Scott!!!!!!!!
  • That would be cool. Pop back in time and tell yourself what to do.
  • your pick ;)

    Wait! That TARDIS is inside a TARDIS...  what if it's inside itself? Is that even possible?

    *goes to lie down*

    Actually, I think I'd rather hibernate for the next two years, at least I'll be warm...
  • Ohhh, a paradox!  Wouldn't this cause the universe to implode on itself?

  • You went too far...
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited July 2017
    Duninn said:

    You went too far...
    In the year, 105105, if man is still alive, if robot can survive they may fiiiiiiind.

    In the year, 252525, the backwards time machine still wont have arrived, in all the world there's only one technology, a rusty sword, for practicing proctology.

    In a future year that ends in a 20, a shlubby mermans ganna try to get chummy. He may look like a watery wimp, when in fact, he's a blood thirsty shrimp.

    In the year, one million and a half, human-kind is enslaved by giraffe. Man must bay for all his misdeeds, when the tree tops are stripped of their leaves. Wooaaahhh.

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