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Forum Account and Ashes of Creation Account

Are these accounts separate?  I have made some comments in the forums and changed my picture on the forum, but at the site I get the message "You have made no comments" and my profile picture is the original one I uploaded.  On the it says I have made 3 comments.  I thought the sites were linked.

Somebody help me out here.


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    They are separate but not separate - it's the same account but each account has a different profile on AoC site and forums.
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    Hi the main website and the forums are different, the website still has things leftover from the old forums, these will be removed. if you wish to change your forums pics/ signatures etc, you can do this via the preferences tab on the forums (look for the little gear icon on the top right of the page :smile:

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    Cyberwolf  has this resolved your inquiry? Apologies for the left over bugs but the team is working to resolve this lingering quirks.
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