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The Durmanhoth Clan

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The Durmanhoth Clan has been around since 1993 back in the days of MUDs and has always had a primary focus of PvP. As the Clan shifted into the SWG era of gaming, we took control of all aspects of the game on the Flurry server. We were known for massive PvP fighting, aggressive city sieges, one of the biggest crafting / business districts and dove into the early days of "raiding". With the open venue Ashes of Creation is offering us, we are looking to once again dominate in all aspects of the game and are looking for those that are like in mind.

The Durmanhoth Clan has always had an "older" (not old) membership as the Discord can get rough for those that have not hit puberty yet. Feel free to stop in and visit and meet some of the guys in Discord​ - DC Main Site (new and updating)​ - DC on DISCORD (Voice/Text Chat)​ - DC Facebook​ - DC Facebook OPS Page​ - DC on​ - DC on YouTube​ - DC on Twitch TV

Twitter: @DurmanhothClan

Twitter: @HardwareDC​ - DC on STEAM

Android Phone App v3.0 Coming Soon!​ - DC History Video


The Durmanhoth Clan has 5 main divisions:

1) The Dark Council (Clan admins and division heads)

2) The Imperial Army (PvP Member Ranks)

3) The Imperial Navy (PvE Member Ranks)

4) Imperial Intelligence (Espionage / Reconnaissance)

5) Clan Government (Ambassadors, City Government, Planning, Crafting / Resources, Event Coordinators and Recruiters)

We offer many opportunities for advancement to allow progression to those members who wish to contribute to the clan. We also have had an award system to honor those that have made a big impact in some aspect of the game or the Clan.

The Durmanhoth Clan Capitol city of Corriban has been around since 2003 in the era of SWG. You might look at Corriban and say "You spelled it wrong!" Well, duh. We couldn't spell it Korriban so it changed to a "C" and every game we have been in since Corriban has been remade.


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