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Games you play currently/will be playing?

Ff14 - stormblood
Remastered broodwar/Current 1.1.6/1.1.8 broodwar on FISH/ iCUP
franchisees I'm a fan of?
Metroid.. Zelda...
No breath of the wild spoilers please
Excited for metroid 4 :]


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    Welcome to the community I play everquest 2 and path of exile at the moment
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    Yes welcome @ToryJJ! I'm playing old games like the Witcher series for now but will likely take a break over the summer. The game I'm really looking forward to is Red Dead 2.  
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    Right now im play any RTS I can get my hands on
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    I play more SMITE than I should, Total War: Warhammer, the never releasing Star Citizen and whatever trash that's the flavor of the month in my little gaming community.
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    Hello hello! Welcome if you're new here :)

    I'm not playing anything at the moment... I think there's another thread though elsewhere with everyone's current games.... Sadly I'm on rubbish kindle and it hates me, so I can't do that for you....can anyone link it for @ToryJJ?
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    Welcome! :smile:
    Currently taking a small break from gaming. Going back to Aion later this summer once the next big patch comes up.
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