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Did not receive an email for the Royalty and above Q&A that contains the NDA


I am a backer at the Royalty or above level and saw the monthly Q&A with the Devs was next Friday.  However it says you had to accept/sign an NDA which was in an email that went out yesterday or the day before.

I did not receive that email that I am aware of. I have checked all folders.

Can you please assist?

Thank you.


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    Hi please contact for further assistance
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    edited July 2017
    Hey @Townsendvol,

    Hope all is well.  There are about 10 of us in a discord together and none have received the NDA email yet either.  You're not alone.  :)  

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    Thanks Tug, have they said they are working on it?
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    they are working on it, seems to be a issue with how they sent out the mails, for now contact 

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    I did send them an email Friday just havent heard back from them and with it being the weekend, didnt figure I would for a few days.
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    I have not heard anything back on this, any update on their efforts to address this issue??
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    Haven't heard anything back myself either.
    I really wish they would at least make a public post of: 
    "Hey...yeah...we know...oops.  Working on it!"

    Instead, a pile of us are just getting second and third hand info.  Even that info just amounts to a shoulder shrug and "send an email" know....
    goes completely unanswered.

    Love you guys but....not cool.
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    the reason you may not of heard back is due to the 4th of July weekend in the states, you should hear back from them soon, but as you can imagine they do get swamped with tickets so it may take a few to get to everyone. 
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    Update on the NDA emails the problem looks to be fixed and they are being resent :smile:
    so keep a eye on your folders for that 
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    I received the NDA just a little bit ago. Thank you!
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    The problem has been fixed and you should all now have your NDA emails (don't forget to check spam and promotions just to be safe) :smile:
    if there is still a issue please feel free to open a new ticket :smile:

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