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6-30-2017 Live Stream

Well, after watching the live stream yesterday. I can honestly say in all my mmo history this is the first game that I've wanted to play all the character classes. Keep up the great work guys!


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    That may change as we find out more of course but no matter what you do @Balrog21! Stay on board the hype train! It's going to be a long and noisy journey! :)
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    Yeh, i agree OP. After seeing the livestream i'm really keen to try heals as an alt.
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    It made me want to play a tank for the first time which was shocking 
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    Don't know that I want to play all of the classes yet tank will content me atm :smile: some of the skills sound like they will be fun. Eventually I will play most of the classes, I like those alts and they all sound interesting to play.
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    Tulnar just became 100% more interesting. I thought they were going to look like muppets but it seems they have the most customization options. I might switch from elf and make a snake/raccoon/black scorpion person.
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