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Failure to redirect when claiming rewards

Hello, I just purchased the Settler pack little while ago, but when trying to click on the "claim your rewards" button, I get a failure to redirect, regardless of which browser I use. My girlfriend also bought the same pack, and is experiencing the same problem on a different computer, which seems to indicate that the problem lies with the website.
Oh and it happens when I try to redeem the explorer pack too. Some help with this issue would be appreciated :)


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    Yes, so someone else will explain it better but currently there is nothing to claim. The game in in pre alpha. So around December 2018 we will get to start testing out the alpha. (though hopefully before) They are aware that the claiming button is annoying and confusing and have started more work on the website. 

    I will see if I can hunt down a quote. :)
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    Ahhh that makes sense, the claim buttons just made it seem as if I need to click them in order to get forum badges and the beta invite, even though I'm well aware that beta 2 is still a loooong way off.
    Thanks for clearing things up for me :)
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    Someday we will have a search button. lol.  Quote hunting is so hard without it.  
    We can watch the clock tick slowly until then.


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