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Saying Hello

Hello. my room mate told me about this game and paid for my summer package. I've not played many mmos. I mostly watch people play on streams because i never had the ability to play the games. but with the help of @Noespark ill be playing ashes of creation as my first mmo ever.

hope to enjoy some chats while i'm here


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    Welcome!  Happy you could join us!  We all had to start somewhere.   I am sure you will get plenty of help. If the community here on the forums is any indication of the types of people wanting to play Ashes then I think it's going to be a good experience for all of us.   
     Jump in and join the party as we wait for Ashes!
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    Welcome to the forums. 
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    Welcome to the community!  There are a lot of helpful and friendly people around here, so don't hesitate to ask questions.
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    edited July 2017
    Its your first time doing digital crack?  You are a pre-addict, and we will be your pre-addict support group. Welcome!
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    Welcome to the community forums.
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    Welcome to  the forums! *throws confetti*
    Sounds like you have a good mate! First MMO? Congratulations and welcome to this side of the gaming community! MMO's are always a bunch of fun with many days of enjoyment. You will meet so many great people and have a bunch of random and laughable moments to remember.
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    Welcome @IcarusBrightside! Enjoy the ride on the hype train.
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    Welcome to the forums.  This place is pretty legit.  I remember my first MMO I made life long friends, and you may as well
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    Welcome to our awesome community!
    I think you chose well for your first MMO, this is likely going to be one of the better ones out there *hyping* :smile:
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    *Offers the wonderfully named @IcarusBrightside a lifetime supply of chocolate teapots to welcome them to the community*

    Welcome on-board! 
    Sure it's just personal opinion, but mmos ARE the greatest of games.
    Because they have the wonderful people, and no matter how much of a wassock anyone is, there are still patient, helpful, understanding folks to help.

    I hope you have a huge amount of fun here.
    Also +1 for @Noespark

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