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What happens if a city you own a house in (static or instance) is destroyed/downgraded from a siege?

Do you loose the house completely? Is there an insurance you could get on it? Also if the node is still a high enough tier to maintain the static house, do you just get downgraded? And if that's the case wouldn't that mean you would have to re-decorate?

I know its a lot of different questions but I feel that they are all linked to the same topic.


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    Not really related to your questions exactly but hope this helps a bit.
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    to add to what @AeonAuron said,

    From what i can tell, the terms:

    " in-node " = HouseHold & Apartment-Housing
    " zone-housing " = FreeHold

    I'm fairly certain
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    Thanks, was really not sure but good to know you are not screwed over, although I couldn't see them doing that.
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    @AeonAuron Just realised that the answer was on you page of quotes which I even bookmarked,I feel like an idiot XD. Although from reading it, that means you loose your stored gear, scary stuff.
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    Well i highly doubt you will lose your stored gear but even if that's the case, remember that Node Sieges have pretty long preperation time which should be long enough for us to transfer our valuables to our other houses.
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    Oh boy roads filled with caravan loots. 
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