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Ashen Foundry | Discussion, Guides, and Tools for your Ashes of Creation Experience

Hello everybody!

I’m happy to announce that @Atropos and I are ready to unveil Ashen Foundry, your home for discussion, guides, and tools to optimize your Ashes of Creation experience. If any of this sounds familiar, you may know us already from our previous fan site for The Elder Scrolls Online – Tamriel Foundry.

Ashen Foundry was created to accomplish several fundamental objectives:

Promote Understanding of Game Mechanics and Content

A primary goal for Ashen Foundry is to promote constructive and intelligent discussion of Ashes of Creation game development and mechanics. We seek to provide players with a valuable resource to improve understanding of game systems and content, knowledge which can in turn improve their own gameplay experience. We strive to be unbiased in our interpretation of information; we want Ashes of Creation to be extremely successful, but Ashen Foundry does not exist solely to generate hype.

Strengthen the Ashes of Creation Game Community

We believe that strength of community is essential for MMOs and we aim to contribute positively towards that objective by establishing a hub for the formation and strengthening of community bonds. We encourage community members to establish social connections by providing tools for players and guilds to build upon the Ashen Foundry platform. Once Ashes of Creation reaches release, we will integrate these tools whenever possible with core game systems to facilitate these connections extending into the game itself.

Support Community Content Creators

Lastly, a central objective for Ashen Foundry is to support community content creators by providing a platform where they can publish content to be featured and shared with the Ashes fan community. We maintain no distinction between official site authors and community posters, anyone who registers an Ashen Foundry user account can have their posted content featured directly on the site home page.

Content published to Ashen Foundry is ranked based on Content Quality, Freshness, and Community Engagement. Newly published content which features a high quality in its design and successfully engages other members of the Ashen Foundry community in discussion will automatically be promoted to be featured prominently on the site home page and in social media announcements.

We hope this system will provide content creators with a great experience publishing their work, whether it be YouTube videos, podcasts, guides, or editorial opinion pieces.

One thing to keep in mind is that Ashen Foundry is a living project. We’re super excited to have reached the point where we feel we can share the site with the community, but we have a lot more we want to work on still. If you’re curious, you can check out our development tracker blog to see some of the future updates we already have planned. And of course, we’re always open to suggestions!

If any of this sounds interesting – please swing by, register, and say hello on the forums! We look forward to enjoying the long journey to launch and beyond with all of you.


  • Good stuff. Glad to see you guys and the foundry in AoC
  • Ziz said:
    Good stuff. Glad to see you guys and the foundry in AoC
    It's awesome how many of us from ESO are showing up for AoC. I think it's gonna be super helpful in having the content creator community sort of hit the ground running with this one.
  • Thanks very much @Ziz. Hit us up on Discord some time, we'd love to see you feature some of your Ashes content on AF :)
  • Very nice  :33 I've a bunch of information threads that can be shared with your foundry if you like ^^
  • Registered this morning.  Pretty slick!
  • Great launch so far, we already have some awesome content featured on the site. 

    Check out this great discussion from @Antharas regarding party/group rules and encounter design!
  • We have added a Discord server for members of the Ashen Foundry community. If any of you decide to register for Ashen Foundry we'd love to chat with you in Discord as well.

    Details here:
  • I'm really glad to be part of the early birds of such a project. I've always loved Tamriel Foundry, and it has been my go-to website from the earliest day of my interest for ESO. Ashes Foundry is even better, and truely an amazing tool for content creator to share their content and start interesting discussion in the community.
  • Made some helpful updates to our Compendium pages:

    If anyone is interested in smaller community dedicated to Ashes of Creation and deep discussion about gameplay mechanics and systems, Ashen Foundry is the place for you!
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