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Much excite, Super nervous

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     Hello everyone, I'm not much of an MMO player but I have always loved the idea of going on a massive raid with a guild and what not, but I am always discoraged by the many mechanics and skill selection that MMOs bring to the table. I also do not really like playing solo but I am hoping that Ashes hooks me in seeing how I have backed it up. 

     Also seeing how my research skills are terrible, does anyone know when backers can start using their keys to play the game?


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    Welcome to our community ! Alpha starts about Dec 2018 so still a while to go! 
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    Welcome to the community.
    It's nice to have you join us!   I'm sure you can find a group or guild that will have patience and welcomes new players.  Some are very good at teaching and taking it slow.   Much is learned just by observation also.  Doing dungeons with a small group prepares you for the bigger raids.   You might want to skim over the forum thread on guild recruitment to get an idea of what is forming.  Keep in mind it's still quite a ways off so there is really no hurry to join a guild.   Joining our community here gives you a chance to meet some of the great people waiting for Ashes.  
    I believe the earliest use of the beta keys come in Dec. 2018.   
    The game is in pre-alpha at present.  
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    Welcome to the community!  As @Diura said, we've got a bit of a wait.  So kick back, put your feet up and enjoy the ride.  :)
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    Welcome @Tranchilla :) Glad to see you in the forums. Let's get this hype train rolling!
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    Image result for everybody on the hype train
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    Welcome to the community. Hope you have lots of fun here.
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    Let me correct that, @Relwoh
    welcome to the community. you will have lots of fun here.
    anyways, I'm I,robot, nice to meet you, @Tranchilla
    I'd suggest if you are not too good at mechanics and that sort of stuff, well, join a more causal guild, or just go solo for the first few months. You could check out at
     oh and while we are about it, I have a semi-hardcore guild, so lmk if you want to join.
     whatever floats on your boat!
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    One of us, one of us, one of us...
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    Welcome @Tranchilla! I hope you enjoy the ride on the hype train! Make the most of getting to know everyone so you know exactly who to kill on your first day! :smile:
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    Welcome to the forums! *throws confetti*
    Still a while off until we can get out hands on the game for an alpha. Feel free to join the hype train along the way!
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    Welcome. You could always befriend someone that is willing to take the time and show the the ropes and mechanics of implementing such skills. I'm sure there are many of us that would help come launch time.
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    Welcome! MMOs might seem daunting but its not nearly as difficult as you would think. Best part is you always have people to ask!
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    Welcome to this awesome community, feel free to ask around ;) many nice people in here ready to help XD
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    Welcome to the Ashes @Tranchilla!!!! 
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    Welcome to the waiting room @Tranchilla !
    *Puts on fat controller outfit and blows a whistle to encourage the hype train along*

    It's great to have you onboard, and just awesome that you're happy and eager to learn.

    It's easy to forget how daunting the first MMO can be for newer people, I know that with Black desert it took me a while to get my head around it all, (Oh so many systems) but I don't think that you will have anything to worry about with Ashes.

    As has been mentioned, everyone here brings their own special wonderful to the community, and almost everyone here will be happy to help when the game launches, though I agree, finding a guild that you love and feel, comfortable and at home in could be a good first step for you, as then you could feel more confident about asking questions that you might feel are 'silly'. (I can say now, they won't be :smile:)

    Also, am I the only one a little bit scared by your name. It's Godzilla.. but a spider... *shudder*
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    The first raid is always the hardest. After that you'll be hooked and wonder why it took so long to get started in the first place! The key is to find a guild you can learn with. A guild who has fun while raiding is the best.
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    There is nothing to worry about. You will pick up the basics as you progress and everything will go smoothly from there.
    Join a trustworthy Guild and you should advance faster than you probably expect. At the end of the day it's all about fun but most importantly winning xD
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