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The Ashes Report: JUNE 17 (development updates) Ashes at PAX, Combat Info, Summer Crowdfunding

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HELLO fellow Ashes fans!

Here is the first in a new (monthly) video series to keep you up to date on the development of Ashes of Creation. 

I hope to cover the important updates while keeping it quick for those who don't have time to watch all the livestreams and comb the forums.

Feedback is appreciated, thanks for watching


  • Great video once again Ziz. I've always liked the format of your work from the first time I saw you in your ESO vids. I'm really happy that you're covering Ashes and please keep up the good work!
  • Very cool @Ziz. That about sums everything up :)
  • Great video :). Thanks for taking the time to put all the updates into video form.
  • I loved the way you explained some things in your video a few days ago, I think your channel will grow!!
  • Thank-you for sharing. I enjoyed the video, it is a nice recap! Looking forward to more content from you.
  • Thank you for helping spread the knowledge of Ashes out to more and more people!
  • Great video, Ziz! You've always made quality work. I've been following you since your ESO videos and have never been disappoint. Keep it up!
  • Thanks Ziz I'll be checking this and other videos out 
  • Intro looks like some kind of CSI report :) Anyway good video, subscribed :)
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