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castle idea

I saw that some people, who contributet enough through the kickstarter, get to be part of the design of a castle. And that made me think, of what i would like to see. And it just turned into an idea of what could be added.

I see an evil looking castle, something like The lich kings from wow, draculas in Bram Strockers Dracula or this

Or some other type. There are lots out there. But it could be occupied by undead. A vampire lord, as the leader. It could have ghouls, zombies, skeletons, some undead ogre. Ghosts, wraiths, wrights, ghosts, spectras. Maybe a mummie in the basement. 
Perhaps you have to kill the vampire lord, to get a key, to free someone, that is held captive. Kill a group of some type of undead caster or necromancers. Who are preparing a ritual. Or disrupt it. Steal an item

Then i though of a stronghold type. A run down place, overrun with orc and goblins. And it is ruled by an ogre warlord. And there could be a quest to kill it, to demoralise/disrupt the minions. Kill x number of mobs, to reduce the numbers. Sabotage equipment, as they are preparing to attack some city. This place could also have the above quests
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