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Addon purchases

Am I missing something? I cannot see where I can buy the summer addons. The store only has the initial bundles, but I can't find any links or such from my dashboard where I can purchase any addons.


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    edited July 2017
    They haven't added that feature yet. They will email you once it is implemented. 
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    im not sure about a email once it's implemented, but there will be annoucements made via discord, forums etc
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    An announcement was sent out around midnight on 07/12/2017. We should see the summer add-ons available on the 13th of July, according to the Discord announcement. 
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    Other Information

    • All summer and kickstarter backers will receive the Wand of Many Things!
    • The summer backers will not be able to use the Kickstarter upgrade store.
    • The Kickstarter upgrade store is currently reading 896 days remaining.  Steven will confirm in the AM of 7/14/17 whether that end of campaign date is correct.
    • Buying a la carte add-ons should be available by 7/14/17.  
    • Steven had mentioned a proposal about unlocking all summer backer rewards for certain Kickstarter tiers.  That proposal is confirmed off the table now. 
    • If you no longer see the summer backer counter, it is because you are on the Kickstarter upgrade store and not the summer store.  Log out of if you would like to see the summer store.
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    Add-Ons are available at your dashboard. They are really expensive though, to get all the summer exclusives from Braver of Worlds which I bought from kickstarter I have to pay another 263,5 dollar. I feel a bit dissapointed, by this whole summer sale, in europe we do have credit cards so /shrug
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