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Suggestion: popcorn emote

Make out characters able to preform popcorn emote. Basically your character takes out a box of popcorn and starts eating them.

This could be useful in many situations when some drama is happening in front of you.

Some people arguing about stolen loot in front of you.
Person in forest about to die from bear attack and asking for your help.
Someone leaving his/her partner for flirting with guild leader for higher position.

Really so many types of situations...

/popcorn  B)

Please!  :D


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    Holy cow this would be funny in so many situations like you mentioned! I hope they will implement a wide range of emotes just like this one :smiley:
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    edited July 2017
    Also with the addition of the /popcorn emote we also need a /pullsupchair emote.  They are just like peanut-butter and jelly, they shouldn't be separated 
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    Funny  but so out of place lol.    Maybe eating an extra large drumstick. 
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    Or leaning while eating a carrot.
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