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Changing Account-Email save after activation code?

Hey guys,
I now linked the received code from my kickstarter E-Mail to my Ashes account, which is using the same email.
Problem is, my kickstarter mail is my 2nd mail account which is less serious and contains some spam. I rarely check it. I got another mostly spam free account for all the stuff I check more often and care about.
I now would like to change the Ashes of C - Account - Email, from the 2nd mail to the new spam free account.
Is it save to switch the Account-linked mail, without breaking my Ashes Account and my rewards?
Thanks :)


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    edited July 2017
    You should of gotten a code sent to your kickstarter email address, if has your package details stored there, you should be able to change your email address without any issue and if you don't have the package in the orders tab, check your spam/promotions folders for the email that contains the key and then register that way :smile:

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    it's been a while so im just checking up making sure your issue has been resolved by customer support before i go ahead and close this thread. 
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