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Upgrading package price.

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edited July 2017 in Forum and Discord Help
Hello i'm hesitated to upgrade my package because the price is not a substraction of what i already paid in the kickstarter.

I've already buy the Braver of Worlds (Early bird 485$) and i want to upgrade to Leader of Men (1050$)
But when i start the process, it said it'll be billed 1050$ and not 550$ (1050 - 500)

Should I continue the process and it'll bill 550$ or there is a real problem :/ ?


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    DON'T GO THROUGH. They are working on adding a seperate option to upgrade your kikstarter package. This will 1. Give you the summer package only, 2. Make you waste $500.
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    I suggest waiting and asking @GMSteven , or  any moderator. :) 
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    STOP!!!!!!! ok phew... the upgrading system isn't in place just yet, it should be soon, keep a eye out for announcements for when it's avaiable
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    Oki thx. I'm waiting ^^.
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