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Dawnbreaker/ Pridestalker different wings

I don't know if this has been discussed here yet, but I'm not sure how keen I am with the wing designs they're going for with these epic mounts. I think with the dawnbreaker I'm happier with it than the pridestalker, with the pridestalker, at least in my opinion, coming across as ridiculous. I understand, this is a subjective area. I also understand that perhaps Intrepid are trying to go with something that stands out from the crowd in terms of the usual assortment of griffins and mythical creatures. Still, I think they could perhaps experiment with trying out something a bit different. How about going along with the 'phoenix' theme? I've come up with something that utilises that fiery aspect, albeit with more traditional 'dragon-like' wings. I'm keen to see what the community has to say about this ;)


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    I actually went with with my idea based on something closer to the fifth griffin in the first image (albeit with fiery wings). But forgive me, I'm not quite sure what you were getting at with your post.
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