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Для белых ворон

Привет, хотела бы познакомиться с русскими здесь, а то ощущаю себя немного одиноко среди англоговорящих. Возможно есть ролевики или рпшники?

Hi for english-speaking part of community also.


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    Welcome to the forums! *throws confetti*
    I appreciate the English for people like me who know literally no Russian. xD
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    Welcome to the community!   Nice of you to include an English "hello"  Unfortunately  2 languages is seldom learned here.  
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    Welcome!  Sorry for Rocky 4!!!
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    Welcome to the community
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    Welcome to the community @Xiaomi ... I think you made a fitness band for me, it's the best fitness band I've ever had, so thanks!

    If not, welcome anyway, I hope that the russian community is as healthy and strong as it appears :)
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