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Dont give us to russia region!

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so many games gives  baltic states for russia region,and its big problem for us,becouse they thinking we learning russian  leanguage very good better then english .Its not true.And we want to know,if i buy this game, maybe i losse my money if blocked like black desert?don doing that pls.Andrius


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    Hi @Napoleonas. It has been stated that there will not be region locking in Ashes. However, there will be different regional servers. Currently they have mentioned EU, NA, OCE and SEA, but this exact list of regions will depend on demand closer to the time of launch.
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    Hi @Napoleonas, I sincerely doubt there'll be a Russian server and even if there will be it won't be locked as @Lexmax stated so maybe if you Putin some research before launch you'll get pick the right one for you.   
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    thx for answer.Good luck for project.And  we will wait when they open the game!
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    There is a possibility of a Russian server, based on the community numbers. However, there will be no planned Region Blocks. I hope this helps <3
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