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I won a stream beta key and have received no email or notice

Hey there! Awhile back during the kickstarter campaign, I managed to snag a beta key during the live stream! Sweet! I was told to give the mod my e-mail in a PM, which I did, but I had assumed I would get SOME kind of confirmation, and I have yet to.

I just don't want to miss out. You can see me listed on this post as one of the winners:

I go by the same screen name on twitch, obviously! (If there is a mix-up somewhere and you need to get in touch with me on twitch to help verify things just let me know!)

Thanks for any and all intel!


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    Hey there @Mackizar

    did you send the message to a mod or intrepid studios? 
    and also check your spam and promotions tab's it might of ended up in there :smile:

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    You must received an email about your beta key, but key only will give when Intrepid Studios will decided to access to your beta.

    Maybe you have youre email in spam folder or promotion folder in gmail.

    If not maybe @Optimistic , @shunex or @Sarumonin could you help...

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    Looked into this, seems to be a case of the legendary typo, one character in your email went missing somewhere along the line :* I'll send you the corresponding email shortly. Congratulations on the win MacKizar (one guess which letter was missing :D)
    @Optimistic ooo I want to play this game too xD The letter "C" xD
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    Seeing as this has been resolved, I'll go ahead and close the thread :D 
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