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Story Of Thousand Man

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edited July 2017 in Fan Stories
Thousands man
Full in armour
On there horses
March from city

Thousand sons
Thousand brother
Thousand father
Thousand husband

Thousand man
On thousand horse's
Ready for fighting
To defend what they care for

Thousand people
On their horses
Looking at the town
That need them

They have promised
That they will come back
They will defend
The one that they love

And they have lie
Because it's easier
Because they know
There is no return

Thousand people
Side by side
Fight till the last drop of blood
To give them more time

Thousand man
But only one return
Almost dead 
With a smile on his face

He sees his family has fled the city
They are safe as he closed his eyes
They are safe as he hit the ground
They are safe as his last breath is going away

Doc Bones 2017.07.11


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