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Get anything good on Prime Day?

So Prime day was today, with the deals and what not. Get anything good? Was hoping for a deal on the PS4 Pro and a new headset, but got a tortilla press instead. Still, tacos.


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    edited July 2017
    Bunch of crap I would never buy was on sale. Nothing I needed like a new graphics card or a girlfriend. 
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    I got a scale, a small tool set for electronics and a sweet set of nail clippers... oh yeah baby
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    I got a dashcam so I can upload my videos and post russian audio over it. Apparentally russian dashcam videos do pretty well.
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    I was going to get an Echo Dot to go with my full size Echo, but just couldn't be
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    I think it must be finished because there does not appear to be anything on sale to me. Shame I would have got something. Computer game probably.
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    Nothing jumped out at me that I needed. 
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