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Community Project: Let's design the Psion (Psychic) class!

Credit to @Chudyie   for the inspiration. Basically let's design a class as a community by throwing down our ideas and critiquing them. I'll go first because ya why not.

Two aspects I would love to see in the 
Psion that I feel are missing in modern MMO's would be a mimic ability and Stealth/disguise one. 

Mimic would allow you to copy weaker NPC, PVP enemies, and allies last used ability for either (X) amount of time or uses, and it would be lost upon death. This ability would lend to the versatility of the class, giving it an edge in certain situations. Imagine being able to spot heal or use the enemies own attack against them. 

Far as Stealth/disguise goes, I would imagine such a class as a sneak one, able to either use temporary stealth or even disguise oneself as enemy NPC or PVP players. Would be a great PVP ability to keep the opposing team on edge, and could be even used to infiltrate cities. 

Alright, who's next?


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    I agree. Great for sneaking and infiltrating. 
    The Mimic ability would have to be scaled, more powerful if it's a Psion/Psion class, but less if Psion is the secondary. Psions would be hard opponents in PvP, as they'd have stuns, blinds, etc. --spells that would impair combat.
    The should also have the ability to control mobs.
    One spell could be called, "Influence" where they are able to control a mob for (X) time and use their skills to attack other mobs. In PvP, this skill could also be used, but players would have a resistance to the length because they have more intelligent minds. 
    Another spell could be, "Invisibility" where the Psion isn't able to be targeted, but there would be a 1 min cooldown. 

    I'm not sure if the ability to warp the world is too overpowered... but maybe a 10 second spell cast that allows the Psion to warp a small area. 

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    Love the control idea, would give more options in combat as well.

    Not keen on warp world, but how about a "Rewind" ability? Like able to rewind time on yourself to restore your condition to that of 10 seconds ago. This could restore your health, mana (or psychic energy) and even recent abilities used. Of course the ability itself would have at least a three minute CD.
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    I mean I don't know if this is too out there but for a psychic sub-class I think the idea of a puppet master would be amazing... Like you control the puppet from a distance or have a spell that makes you invisible so you can control it from up close. 

    Very squishy and weak in close combat and wouldn't have many combat abilities itself but the puppet could have any range of attacks. Anything from CC to peel from the puppet master, poison to stall the fight making it a race against time to track down the master hiding in the shadows.

    Would probably be incredibly mechanically intense but would be a lot of fun and interesting to see done... 

    PS imagine the amount of in game skins for puppets haha you could have anything from one of those terrifying french dolls holding knives chasing you to I don't know Captain Underpants with a bazooka! 

    Different idea let me know what you guys think of it and comment other ideas!
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    Actually like the idea in place of a mind control one, just because mind control has been implemented in past games and this is rather unique. Like either possess a puppet or manifest a psychic one, would be cool to see either way. Could be different puppets as well, like summon one with a bow/gun or caster for long range, and maybe one that literally comes from your chest to attack briefly with a scythe for close range.

    And as you said could bring in tons of customization too. IMO an excellent addition to the class.
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    Ultimate ability: Become the Phoenix
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    Might be something the visit in one of the expansions. Pretty sure they are going to concentrate to getting the 8 archetypes right first before adding new stuff that wasn't an already unlocked stretch goal. Also they replied that they are going to stay far away from player mezzing as a class. Each class will have a cc, and a break, and that is it. The previous games that allowed you to root, burst, root, burst, and dead are not in the scheme of things.
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    A psychic class would be very interesting, I wonder what class combinations it would have, or would it be its own base class?
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    No worries, this is just for fun, nothing to do with the actual game at all.

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