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Not a new idea, but one I'd been thinking about. AoC Scribes.

As I said this is not a new topic, it has been mentioned before how people think it would be cool to have player made literature in the game. However I sat down and talked (ranted on a raging tangent) with some guildmates about this idea.

Someone posed the idea of maybe not giving the players a map in Ashes of Creation, and from there I said well what if we had the option to make a map. What if idk a player could spend their life as a pirate/sailor and map the world. From there it kept going, so hear me out I'm sorry if this gets long but idk fun topic.

So I'm not the biggest writer, though I have my fun with it literature and speech can be its own form of art, and there are other who think so. So what about having a Scribe artisan class. Asd a start I think to keep with how the other classes work, you'd have the people who would make the inks/paper/etc, those who actually write the stuff, and those who publish the works. Sort of rough idea to start but it would obviously need to be touched on, but back on point. So imagine in the game players who dedicated their time to writing stories of their adventures, or maybe someone of a more practical taste who writes guides to dungeons in game. And then has the books sold to other players. Of course people know it is you because your name is on the work, I think the maker of the book, the author, and the publisher all should have their name on the works. But someone could spend their time in this, maybe this is something they love.I could totally see someone dedicating themselves to this, or maybe a young adventurer takes minor skills from all 3 trees so they could put their experiences into a journal.

Just idk I think it would be amazing. People say knowledge is power...but what if knowledge LITERALLY (lol) was power. What if reading books could give exp gain buffs, maybe reading a book about a monster(s) would give you resistances to that monster. Or maybe you read up about survival in an area so the effects of that regions climate would affect you less because you'd come in mentally prepared. You could say someone who made better book and writing material affected the attributes and bonuses of the books, maybe someone better focused in writing would have perks that allowed for longer books and pieces of writing, and then the publisher affects how many copies of the book could be made and the degree in which buffs that are given are. Just tons of implications for it. Again I myself likely would only dabble in a skill like this as I'm not the greatest writer, but it could be fun to use this skill for mapping a region or just keeping a day to day log of things in game that could be shared with other players. I'm going to force myself to stop here but just I'd love to hear your comments if you made it through this.

TL;DR: I am truly sorry you couldn't read it all, in short I think a Scribe class and the ability to write/map would be awesome, for those who read it all thank you for taking the time it took to do so. 

With love from the shadows (really it's just lurking),
                                               -Sithis, of Ashenguard


  • It would be funny watching people fight over a book :3
  • or fight with one!
  • or fight with one!
    That's the spirit, hit them and they get knowledge XD
  • Teach them a lesson :p

  • I think Ashes will have some form of scribes - making some form of book seems likely.
    But, players will have mini-maps.

    I'd rather just watch twitch and youtube rather than read player-written adventures in a book.
  • To each their own of course.
  • Maps will get made anyway regardless as to weather they are made in game just look at for example it tells you where every quest starts and there to go. We may be able to scribe spells in game. I doubt that stories will be written in game though.
  • That's basically an in-game map.
    But, I seem to recall EQ "wikis" having hand drawn maps.

    It's going to be interesting to see how wikis keep up with the dynamics of a changing world for all severs.
    Grabbing a screen of a map from game assets will probably be easy.
    Staying up-to-date with nodes could be challenging.
  • I could see maybe getting buffs(permanent or temporary) from the books scribes create. If permanent I think that the buffs shouldn't stack. Maybe if a scribe creates a map of an area it can help a player find hidden areas for a short period of time. But not nearly as easily as if they had a ranger buddy to guide them around.

    i would certainly dabble in a skill tree like this.
  • Read from the Liber Bubonicus at your peril!

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