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Ashes of Creation will no doubt be a game filled with legends of heroes, tales of monsters and ballads of days long gone. The lore of the game will no doubt be wide spread, and require a collective effort to collect.

Introducing the Knights of Alexandria.

The Knights of Alexandria are here to do just that. We wish to roam the world, gathering the fables, the mysteries and knowledge hidden deep within Ashes. Becoming loremasters, knights of knowledge if you will, in the process. This thirst for knowledge is also what inspired our name, Knights of Alexandria. The Library of Alexandria was created in the third century BC, containing thousands of scrolls and tomes. At its peak it suspected to have contained 40,000 to 400,000 literature artifacts in its possession. This was no doubt the creation of one of the largest, and vital libraries in human history. But this creation got burned down around 30 BC, and once more we end up with the Ashes of Creation. While the lore is the motivating factor of the Knights of Alexandria, we wish to create a warm and welcome community, with little drama and little time for quarrel about the trivial. While we focus on collection the lore of the game, the way you do is up to you. Does that mean long debates on the implications of the days of yore, the exchange of ethics regarding the gods, or a PvP mission created to gather the knowledge hidden within a node. We wish the provide a way for people to not only play the game to their liking, but also gather the lore in their preferred method. You are welcome even if you only have a couple of hours to spare a day. We know that life outside discord takes precedence.

Why did I create this guild?
In short, as I have grown older I find less and less times for games, as I'm sure the rest of you over 21~ know. Life throws things like mortgages, children and jobs at you, and while, these are all good things, they do detract from the amount of time you can spend immersed in a fantasy world. The guild was founded to have a place to chat with others like yourself, ones who don't spend 10+ hours a day on games. Who have more adult problems to deal with. As such, this is a place to come and just relax with friends, engage in friendly discussion and just unwind after a hard day at work.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, please send me a message on here.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!


  • You know what they say: "Knowledge is power." 

    We would still welcome a lot of new, enthusiastic people who know how to behave. Since we aim to be a helpful, friendly and mature community without so called "Saltlords". 

    Feel also free to message me on discord, if Serapeum is not available!
  • Very interesting project. Thank you for letting me know about it. It could be my cup of tea.
  • This is an amazing concept for a guild. Although i may not join, id gladly ally myself with pursuit of knowledge. Heres to meeting you all one day soon, and in hopes of kindling a beautiful friendship. ????
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    Love your members!
  • Thanks @Czar we've got lots of other good people in here too :)
  • Zid is pretty great :smile:
  • hi im interested in joining mature player for many years(different games)no drama with do i chat to rep?
  • Ky_ said:
    This is an amazing concept for a guild. Although i may not join, id gladly ally myself with pursuit of knowledge.

    As @Ky said.
    I'm not sure about the actual role-play/lore-writing sort of thing, but I am into exploration and would happily 'report back' to you any lore info as I discover it? Would this count as sort of 'Associate Membership?'
    (Of course, I may need to report the same info to any Guild that I may join, but they would use the knowledge possibly pro-actively. I assume you'd be only recording it as info gathered?)
  • @Serapeum Hi, I am interested in joining the guild, and my wife as well more than likely. How do I apply to join? My wife and I Are very respectful and uplifting to others.
  • @Serapeum  Hi, I am interested to join the guild. I'm really excited to try this new game out and hopefully explore its lore as much as possible. I'm 21 years old and civil with of course sometimes some banter here and there. Let me know when you guys start up and such. Hope to hear from you soon,
  • Hi both! I will PM you with some details :)
  • A unique change of mind from the standard "dungeon smash" mindset (not to say I don't enjoy a good smash now and then). Should you require more personnel, I would gladly lend my aid.
  • I'm looking forward to working guys ????
  • sounds like a great concept and I'm willing to join. I myself am burdened with having an adult life and find time to dedicate to games less and less. When I log on and play I play to have fun both playing the game and with people in it. 
  • This sounds a lot like the kind of guild that would suit my gaming "needs".  You can count on my sword and shield when the time comes.
  • Hi there, would there be room for a Crafter there?
  • Glad to see KoA is thriving. I can't wait for our guilds to go into this new world and work in common goal!
  • This sounds like my cup of tea :)  would be interested to join!
  • Very nice people here :)
  • Do you have any created lore for the guild? 
  • Would like to join this guild ;)
    Sounds like my cup of tea!!
    Great Concept ^^
  • I'm interested, I need a guild that isn't too hardcore about logging in religiously.
  • Sounds just like what I am looking for in a mature, drama free Guild. Would love some more information. Thank you:)
  • This sounds like the perfect guild for me. I love gaming, but also we are ultimately living lives in the real life. Would be interested in applying and learning more about the process. I spent 16 some years in FFXI which certainly focused on story, lore, and teamwork. Hoping AoC has a similar focus and I'm interested in the guild!
  • If I (hopefully) get the chance to play, this is definitely the place I'd want to be! 
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  • Lore did you say!
    This sounds like my cup of tea. If your looking for more scribes i am happy to risk my ink bottle for you. 
  • Nice guild name!
  • Hoping you all are still accepting members, i would love to join this guild!! 
  • If there is any space available I would love to lend my unknown skills to this guild as well,
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