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Any artists interested in creating Ashes themed textures and paintings for the Ashes MC Server?

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Hi, a quick introduction; I am SleepyFox, it's possible you've seen me around on the Ashes Discussion discord - I'm decently active there. About 2 weeks ago I asked the community if they'd be interested in an Ashes-themed Minecraft server to which the response was pretty good. Since then we've had about 15 people taking interest with 4-5 active members. My hope for the server (Ashes of Minecraft) is to provide the Ashes community with another medium to interact and play with each other. I know we all play MMOs and a lot of people are playing Secret World Legends atm but I wanted something casual that you could drop in and out off without worrying about falling behind - also something that would let everyone play together rather than splitting us all into our guilds.

This is the original thread -
This is the server discord -

My question today is if there are any artists that would be interested in creating textures, 3D models, paintings, or even concepts and fan art for the server. This isn't a job, just if you have fun with it and want to help build something then contribute - there are a whole 2 years until Ashes of Creation comes out, we have to fill our time with something!

Regarding the current state of the server, we're still working on the spawn - one of our active members, Darckwar, gifted us an awesome Dwarven City so we're finishing that, adding quests and tutorials, and working on a story. Custom mods are in the works (though development has only just started). Ehm.. I won't fill this post with everything about the server, if you're interested then check out the original thread.

PS. This is not a recruitment thread! Just a heads up that there's more than just signatures to make :tongue:

Also, a look at the front of the of the city. (Why are there no spoiler tags in this editor??)


  • Pixel art is to frustrating for me. If you ever need help with building stuf. Give me a ring :) 
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