Nazarik Magus University (PvP, PvE, Artisan, and RP. Magic classes or subclasses required)

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Nazarik Magus University is a guild for mages who want to truly explore and know the land of Ashes of Creation. It is a guild for all types of magic to flourish, from alchemists, to enchanters, to sorcerers. The goal of Nazarik Magus University is to trade and deal in all magic related crafts, and explore the lore of the mysterious work we will find ourselves in. Nazarik Magus University is more laid back for the casual players, with room for hardcore players to spread their wings. Because Nazarik Magus University is new in town, and specifically designed to accommodate the world of Ashes of Creation, you will most likely find yourself in a welcoming community, rather than a guild for only PvP and raiding. We are starting out small, but we plan to get larger by the time the game is released.

Nazarik Magus University mission statement: To research and perfect all forms of magic, discover why our ancestors left, and pass on our knowledge to the world.

Nazarik Magus University has something for everyone. For the role-players and scholars, we have research expeditions to uncover the lore of land. Why did our ancestors leave this land? What forced them out? Why did they not pass on the knowledge to future generations? For the craftsmen and economists, we have enchanting and creating magical equipment, as well as markets in creating, buying, and selling magic items. For the combatants, we have friendly partners to dual and help you create, tune, and perfect your own class, as well as test out your newfound strength against the evils of the land. A little something for everyone.

When it is all said and done, new players joining the game late may need assistance and guidance. At Nazarik Magus University, we call upon willing senior members to provide guidance and help to those who need it. Whether you are an experienced MMO player, or new to the genre, we have a place for you. At Nazarik Magus University, role-players, raiders, and PvP players have something to be gained. Everyone is welcome.

For more information, feel free contact me at the group discord.
Group discord:
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