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VUTH- The one true god of the underrealm

Now the other day I was thinking....If some species stayed behind and survived beneath the Earth for years beyond count, how does that effect culture?
Well of course it would have a massive change of biology, society, economy and even religion.

So I put together a sort of idea, that would make sense for an under-earth living culture(s)
So I introduce

A Monotheistic religion that upholds Vuth or Suth, better known as 'The Deep God' or 'The Green one'. 
Its followers believe that Vuth used his might to preserve their ancestors from the deviation from surface and thus called to them in their dreams and thoughts, luring them down to protect them.

'Survival requires a great sacrifice.' -a common saying 
The followers believe Vuth warped them over time, weaving them into creatures of the abyss.

The theme of the religion is that of almighty power and preservation,that darkness is not evil, and even light can exist in the deepest places.
All temples or places of worship must always be beneath the earth, so that it may be closer to Vuth, where all things are preserved.

The followers of the Mysterious and Mystical religion are known to dress in green robes and are expected to have at least one emerald piece of jewelry. They are often secretive and mistrusted by non believers, but are respected and feared by those below their ranks.
As it is said 'The priests hold the power of Vuth within them.'  
Some may believe the priests age slower, and even hold resistances to sickness, but non forget 'Survival requires a great sacrifice.'

Popular opinions of non believers
'A green demon'
'A trickster of the deep'
'Underrealm nonsense'

So yeah, just my imagination running wild, though if i do say so myself i do favor the idea of under realm gods

Please share opinions and ideas of your own


  • Maybe @nagash could provide insight into things of the underrealm?
  • I like this very much, but @Ninja Shadow beat me to the punch. @nagash will either know or may even be the one true god of the Underrealm ;)

    A little more seriously (as serious as I can get after a couple of drinks), I'd like to see many gods of the Underrealm and/or Tulnar. Basically the gods that stayed behind: some managed to remain "good", but some also fell to the corruption. 
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