Third person view and Addons


Sorry if the information have already been discussed...

Anyone know if it'll be possible to zoom out in order to see more field etc.
I like to have a good view of what is going on around me when I'm in a dungeon etc.
It's easier to better plan your action and manage your fight.

Have the Devs talked about the possibility to allow players to play with Addons (like ESO) ?

Thanks in advanne,


  • They are planning to let people have addons and mod the game, but the programs will have to go through them. (as in to be able to apply them to the client they are going to have to go through an approval process, no speed hacks incoming) No API release like with EVE and such. Being able to modify the UI and such is a high priority for them on such programs, do NOT expect to see things like AFK macro scripts. So, expect to be able to visually change many aspects, gameplay, not so much.
  • That's cool , thanks for the info
  • I wonder if they will do anything with VR.
  • I agree, I would also like to be able to zoom out more. From the clips of gameplay we have seen, camera view is very close. 
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