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Will appear after it is approved

I've wrote the recruitment theme. It was ok, but now I need to change the main link (from form to our forum) to improve the efficiency. But hours and hours of waiting to be approved... I can understand the random editions of the random posts. But I've responsibility for guild and I must to meliorate this ground to get the growth. So how long should I wait? Or does approvement works at all?  :)


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    your post should now be visible any future issue's please feel free to open a new ticket :) 
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    Korella this should now be resolved. Can you please confirm prior to my closing of this ticket?
    Many thanks,

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    Hi i haven't heard back from you in regards to your issue being resolved, i'm going to go ahead and close the thread if your still having trouble with your account please open up a new thread or contact me or another moderator to help you out. 
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