Square and Flare

I'm really looking forward to this game. I'm so exited. HYPE!!!

Once the game is out and you meet me, don't be shy.. just say hi..
If you want to fight me, don't get scared.. I will fight you fair and square.. with passion!
Hi, you can call me Flare :3


  • Welcome to the community Flare. Saying "Hi" to you in advance!
  • Hello and welcome to the forum! *throws confetti*
    I'm mostly bad at PVP, so I'll mainly be running. :tongue:
    But If we play on the same server, I'll definitely come and say hi! The more friends, the better.
  • Welcome @TwelfthFlare! Love your spunk!
  • Yo and welcome! The hype is real!

  • Welcome :), looking forward to greet you in game 
  • Welcome to the community. Hope you have fun on the forum.
  • Welcome to the community, @TwelfthFlare!  Lots of helpful folks here, so don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.
  • Hype is strong in this one, and so it's with most of us ^^
  • Hi and Welcome, @TwelthFlare

    We're holding out for a great game. Time will tell! And what games have you played so far?

    (And - Any particular reason for that name, btw?)

  • Welcome to the family Flare! Ill see you out on the battlefield when the time comes.  ;):)
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    Many thanks for welcoming me to the community. :D
    The Hype is strong indeed.
    I was not aware of AoC until recently, but I instantly fell in love with this game or rather the idea of playing it. :p

    I started playing MMOs with crappy F2P MMOs and tried to throw as little money as possible at them, which was difficult because of their P2W nature.
    The first MMO I played that is worth naming, is or was GW2. I really loved that they went away from "exclamation mark questing" and emphasized group play.
    Then I went on to playing TSW, TESO, Wildstar and BDO.
    Why I stopped playing these games is for each a different story and should be told another time. ;)

    I really like the HYPE-TRAIN before a new MMO is coming out!!! But i sincerely hope that we will be playing AoC for a long time. :)

    @Glosterian, the name TwelfthFlare comes from my affinity to fiery names and because I like the number 12 (obviously it is the last good number before the unlucky 13, I'm not superstitious though). Most of the time I go by simply Flare, because it's easy to say, but that alone seems to be always taken by someone else. :P

  • Welcome to the community, and I hope to see you again in game ! 
  • Welcome!
  • A warm welcome to you @twelfthFlare
  • Welcome to the community @TwelfthFlare

  • Welcome in the Ashes Community and happy to see you again :3

  • Welcome
  • @TwelfthFlare sorry I am late to the greeting party! Welcome!
  • Hi Flare @TwelfthFlare! Welcome to the AoC Community :D 
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