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Lore Troubles

Hi Ashians, wanted to work on a little writing project within the Ashes of Creation space, but having a block with regards to the lore. The problem isn't that there isn't enough of it (there isn't, by the way), the problem is that for the little that we have, I am having a hard time reconciling it. 

So, if I am not wrong, we have four exiled races, with Tulnar as a native race, and four great portals right? That leads me to think that people of a certain race will come out of a specific portal. That means that when they were exiled, the four races were either separated into four different worlds (which doesn't seem to be the case), or the four races somehow segregated themselves in the magic-void world. 

This brings about the problem of the world of Ashes of Creation supposedly not being a faction-based game. So we are envisioning a world where race isn't a factor, people are separated from ideological reasons or whatsoever. My question is how do/did we get there and how do we stay there? 

Remember, the portals are where new people will come from into this world. This means that locally, around each portal, you will get a greater density of people of a certain race. I am going to assume that the node nearest to the portal will try to influence the people coming through the portal. Which means that over time, the node will still be predominantly of a certain race. That means that even if we are given a world separated by ideologies, there is a major factor that threatens to converge race and ideology once more.

OR I am making the wrong assumptions and there is no correlation between each portal and a specific race. In that case, I am really confused with why multiple gateways then? 

As a player, it will affect me as such. If I spawn at a portal, I might be tempted to ally myself with the nearest portal. Will that create a natural tendency for certain nodes to be predominantly of a certain race?

Alternatively, my character is just a descendent of someone who came back through the gateway long ago. And the gateways have since closed. But that reduce the significance of the very little lore that we have now too. 

OR we are just pawns of greater powers who have previously already made alliances despite of whatever race we are, and will overcome any obstacles to group up with other pawns of our masters' allies.

PS: Halfway typing through this, it seems parallel to a lot of current issues. I apologise if anyone is triggered by this. 


  • Cyreph said:
    OR I am making the wrong assumptions and there is no correlation between each portal and a specific race. In that case, I am really confused with why multiple gateways then? 
    I recall Steven mentioning that players get to choose their starting gateway. I assume this is so they can arrive in the same area with friends and future guild mates. 
  • The way I understand it is:

    Tulnar are the people that couldn't flee and were trapped behind in the world and thus fled to the underrealm for it was the safest place to be. After millennia of "evolution/mutating interbreeding" within that evnornment - the Tulnar came to be what they are.

    I assume the races that did flee fled through multiple portals but and restated civilisation in the non magic world. Perhaps the races got on well BUT we know that the races divided into sub groups since we have two cultures of each race. Why we did this we will learn over the next few months.

    When we come back through the divine gates I guess some Tulnar will have a vague understanding of the "old races" but when the "old races" see the Tulnar it's up to us to decide what relationship we will have with them, and that includes the relationships we have with all races - since we are pioneers in the new world - will players be open minded and start afresh despite any history that might have occurred in the non magic world :3
  • As for the 4 portals besides the Lore factor of 4 races it is also a game mechanic so when the game launches players are spread around the game world and not all bunched up in one area. Also I would say a lot if this may change as we go thru Alpha and Beta and they get feedback from players and see how the servers respond to the traffic.
  • Tulnar isn't a "native" race, it's a mix mash of survivors who ended up together and had no other choice but to reproduce among themselves to survive. We're all natives, the only difference is that we ran away faster.
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